A cry that is often heard from clubs is: Where do we get more volunteers from?  The majority of our local sporting clubs rely on volunteers to take on the running of their club.  Sometimes it is left to too few.

But there may be another way to find some other volunteers.  Did you know that people over 55 and receiving the Newstart allowance can select to satisfy their Activity Test to receive their payments, in a number of ways.  One of these ways is to do 30 hours per fortnight of voluntary work with a registered organisation.

You can register your sporting club by completing a Centrelink Form – Voluntary Work – Request for Organisation Approval form (SU461) and lodging it with your local Centrelink Office.  The person who is receiving a payment then completes a Centrelink Form – Voluntary Work – Verification of Voluntary Work form (SU462), discusses it with their employment agency and lodges it with Centrelink.

Once you have been approved you could place a notice in your club’s newsletter and also throughout your community letting the public and members know that you are a registered not for profit organisation that Newstart recipients who are eligible, can volunteer at.You do need to sign their form indicating the type of work they will be doing for you – for example mowing the golf fairways, applying for grants, painting the club rooms, doing the club canteen.

This is a great way to find some extra people to help out around your club.  It may also enable people who are already doing voluntary work at your club, to help satisfy their Newstart requirements.

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