GippSport with support from the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation has been working towards “Changing Gippsland’s Game” with women across Gippsland who work or volunteer in community sport.

Our GippSport team have received specific training and will conduct free local Good Governance training across Gippsland for women looking to learn about the operation of committee’s, roles and responsibilities, running effective meetings and much more.

In “Women’s Good Governance” training, we will cover five modules. These will be broken up into three separate sessions across March and April, consisting of 2 x online and 1 x face-to-face.

Module 1

Know the Rules 

Understanding what a committee member is and must do.

Module 2

Identifying, Analysing, and Managing Risk 

How to define Risk – understanding what risk is. 

Module 3

Role of people and meetings 

The importance of fostering ‘a culture of Good Governance’.

Module 4

Leading Change 

The difference between governance and operations.

Module 5

Planning for the future 

Planning is thinking and organise to achieve a goal.

Women’s Good Governance Program

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Please note you must choose 1 date per session to complete all modules. 

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