Is your club wanting to provide more to your members?  Are you part of a club that believes sporting clubs are a perfect setting to influence change?  GippSport in partnership with Gippsland Women’s Health is able to organise and pay for a ‘You the Man’ performance at your club. This is a great opportunity for your club to provide education to your players, officials and members about the serious issue of dating violence. Most clubs have the session after a training night.  The 35 minute play will provide further understanding about this important issue.

A bit about the session …
Teen and university dating abuse is potentially fatal—and shockingly common. It leads to substance abuse, unhealthy eating behaviors, sexual risk behaviors, pregnancy, and suicide. And the media continue to send dangerously mixed messages about its consequences. Addressing unhealthy relationships and dating violence prevention and intervention is needed now more than ever.

We are all bystanders who can help save lives and create stronger communities.
Is it time to begin the conversation?

You the Man is an engaging, entertaining, and results-based educational program that uses live theatre to empower students—both male and female—to step out of the bystander role and practice safe peer intervention. This comprehensive dating violence prevention program is unique as it promotes a model of empathetic male voices and shows the incredible power of bystander support and action.

• Suitable for years 9-12, university students, educators, workplace, sporting clubs and families.
• 35-minute, one-actor portrayal of 6 characters (none of whom are victims or perpetrators). Each wrestles with their response to unhealthy relationship issues.
• Teaches audience members the warning signs of unhealthy relationships; how to identify ways to safely intervene; and make accessible their local health/counseling resources.
• Post-performance panel discussion with local counselors, advocates, and experts.

Please contact your local GippSport staff member to organise a date at your club or or 51 358335.