Between Games is designed to support community sport as another avenue for volunteer club administrators to gain some valuable information on club development, up to date sport and recreation information as well as relevant and topical issues. Proudly presented by GippSport, a Regional Sports Assembly in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

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Between Games: Ep 11. Tips on Staying Active with VicHealth

Listen to us: Michelle and Gene had the pleasure of catching up with Matt Cameron who is the Senior Project Officer, in the Physical Activity

Between Games: Ep 10. Inclusive Sport with Collingwood FC

Listen to us: Brendan Stroud has a chat to GippSport’s Amelia and Brenton about all things inclusive sport. Brendan is currently working at the

Between Games: Ep 9. Tackle Your Feelings

GippSport Program Coordinators, Ryan Evans and Brenton Dinsdale, discuss mental health and the benefits that participating in organized sport can have on an individual’s physical

Between Games: Ep 8. Positive Coaching & Club Culture

GippSport Program Coordinators Michelle Harris and Gene Parini discuss what positive coaching means and how it is intertwined into club culture at elite and community

Between Games: Ep 7. Player Management

GippSport Program coordinators Ryan Evans and Amelia Evison discuss player management and keeping active, with special guest Drew Sherman from Melbourne Victory and Gippsland running

Around the grounds and Between Games

How are your IT skills? Learning on the go as we all adapt to the current environment? GippSport staff are currently honing their skills and