Grants are financial awards that provide funding to individuals or organizations for a specific purpose, such as research, community development, or education. They are often offered by government agencies, private foundations, or corporations.

Grants are one of a valuable range of fundraising options available to sporting clubs, the others being sponsorship and internal fundraising. Sporting clubs are encouraged to maintain an annual diary as many grants are often released each year. This will mean you are well prepared when grants come up.

It’s important that clubs realise that grants are not a hand-out, but rather are attached to the achievement of desired outcomes as specified by the funding body. Clubs need to be careful not to ‘grant grab’ for the sake of it but rather think about the club’s future directions and how a grant project could support this.

Helpful Information

Don’t forget that our GippSport program coordinators are funded to provide assistance to clubs in applying for grants. If you have any questions or require assistance with the application please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Here are some tips for sporting clubs on applying for grants:

Identify the right grants: Research and identify grants that align with your club’s goals and objectives.

Understand the requirements: Read the grant guidelines carefully to understand the requirements and eligibility criteria.

Plan your project: Develop a clear plan for your project, including a budget and timeline.

Provide evidence: Provide evidence that your project will benefit the community and demonstrate how it aligns with the grant’s goals.

Highlight your club’s strengths: Highlight your club’s strengths, achievements, and experience in the grant application.

Collaborate with partners: Consider partnering with other organizations to increase the impact of your project and improve your chances of receiving the grant.

Follow the application instructions: Follow the grant application instructions carefully, including formatting, supporting documents, and submission deadlines.

Seek feedback: Seek feedback on your grant application from trusted sources, such as other clubs or community leaders.

Be patient: Be patient and don’t give up if your application is not successful. Keep trying and consider applying for other grants that may be a better fit for your club.

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