Access for All Abilities

GippSport is funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria to deliver the Together More Active program to increase overall participation in sport and recreation across Gippsland.

Access for All Abilities (AAA) is a Victorian Government initiative coordinated by Sport and Recreation Victoria. It’s the only sport and recreation program of its type in Australia.


For over 10 years the program has, and continues to support and develop inclusive sport and recreation opportunities for people with a disability throughout Victoria.

Clubs working in partnership with Access for All Abilities can increase memberships and participation, and sporting competitions can enjoy more diversity. This will promote greater levels of inclusiveness, liveability, improved health and a stronger sense of community.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: People with a disability (AAA)

Another key objective of the Together More Active Program is to increase the equity, diversity and inclusiveness of sport and active recreation across Gippsland. Specific activities that GippSport staff can deliver through this program include:

Establishing and supporting inclusive and sustainable participation opportunities targeting people with a disability.

Supporting the sport and recreation and disability community through the provision of specialist inclusion (AAA) advice and one to one support.

Supporting the sport and recreation community through the provision of specialist inclusion (AAA) advice and work development opportunities (workshops).

What can GippSport’s Access for All Abilities program coordinators offer you?

  • A variety of ideas and contacts to get you active and involved
  • Links to organised activities at local facilities
  • Timely and up to date advice on the latest sport and recreation opportunities in your area
  • Pathways to sport and recreation opportunities right up to an elite level

Opportunities to be trained and undertake roles to coach, umpire and volunteer

GippSport’s Access for All Abilities program coordinators can offer local clubs:

  • Assistance in attracting and retaining people with a disability
  • Insight into the sport and recreation interests of people with a disability in the area
  • Grant information and support with applications
  • Disability awareness training for coaches, officials and volunteers
  • Advice on how to make your club more accessible and inclusive

Promotion of inclusive programs and opportunities

How can you participate?

  • You don’t need to be a star athlete or be into competitive sport to be active. There are dozens of sport and recreation activities you can get involved in that aren’t competitive.
  • You can participate in the game or activity
  • You can coach
  • You can cheer and support your local club
  • You can volunteer
  • You can umpire

All Ability Programs

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Wellington and East Gippsland Shires please contact Brenton Dinsdale on 0447 358 330 or

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