How are your IT skills? Learning on the go as we all adapt to the current environment? GippSport staff are currently honing their skills and up skilling as the working environment goes online. Podcasts, blogs and online workshops. It’s all happening.

GippSport staff have been working on an internal communications strategy, to make sure we are providing all of the relevant information to our Gippsland sports community. We look forward to sharing information, resources, our podcasts, blogs and online workshops over the coming months of sporting uncertainty. Our Program coordinators Gene Parini and Brenton Dinsdale have just recorded a podcast with special guest Ryan Evans. A GippSport employee, and Football Netball Club president, Ryan gives us some advice on what club’s need to consider during this time of no participation. Have a listen: 

More show notes and discussion in the GippSport Forum:

Within the community we all understand that this is a hugely difficult time for everyone and we’re continuing to monitor the current situation to get a fuller picture about the impact coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on community sport. GippSport is working with our Regional Sport Victoria colleagues to ensure the sport sector comes through this period in as strong a position as possible. We are also doing everything we can to encourage people to stay active, wherever possible. For a lot of us that might involve modified sports in the backyard with your kids. Anything from jumping on a trampoline, to totem tennis, to a makeshift mini golf course to get that sports fix will have to do for now.

GippSport staff are all working from home and remotely, and will continue to work with you to understand the ongoing and future impact of coronavirus. We want to make sure that whatever action we take has the greatest positive impact. So, we want to hear from you now about the issues you’re facing and to take on board these ideas and concerns to feed into our plans.

What do we know right now? It is not possible for your club, league or association to run and host programs or events as planned and retain member engagement. The timings of your season are uncertain. People in your community are likely to be anxious, and will probably want to be continuing with their sport participation. We are offering GippSport as a point of contact for clubs, leagues, associations and individuals within Gippsland. 

We might not have the answer straight away, but will commit to helping try and navigate this situation as best we can. We want you to contact us via and let us know how coronavirus is impacting you or your organization, and the type of help you think would be most beneficial?

Written by: 

Brenton Dinsdale
Program Coordinator