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Executive Officers Report – May 2016

May 23 2016, News

VALE DAVID DRANE David Drane who was the first Executive Officer (EO) of GippSport passed away recently as a result of prostate cancer. He was in the role from 1992 to late 2003. David provided the leadership to establish the Regional Sports Assembly with a “wafer thin “budget and was a resilient and conscientious EO. […]

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Drink Water – It’s Clear As

May 5 2016, News

Drinking water to stay hydrated is the obvious choice.  It’s clear we should do it every day.  It’s clear it is the number one choice for kids at training and on match day and it is especially clear that it is the healthiest way to stay hydrated for all athletes.   GippSport and South Gippsland […]

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