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This episode is a bonus episode thanks to Eating Disorders Victoria

In this bonus episode, we have Dr Lauren Bruce, and Georgie Buckley discuss eating disorders and how it affects sport at all levels.

Dr Lauren Bruce:

Lauren Bruce (she/her) is the Education and Research Manager at Eating Disorders Victoria. Lauren completed her Doctor of Psychology (Health) at Deakin University, with her research focusing on the relationship between disordered eating and intuitive eating in Australian women. She is also a registered Psychologist and a Research Fellow with the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University. Lauren has worked as part of the EDV Education team since 2017, delivering education, training, and psychoeducation programs for professionals, people with eating disorders, carers, and the general community.

Georgie Buckley:

Georgie Buckley (she/her) is a PhD Candidate and Dietitian at Swinburne University of Technology located in Melbourne. Her PhD and research is exploring current and former athletes relationship with both food and body, including disordered eating and body image. Georgie completed her Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne and has completed Masters degrees at Latrobe University and Deakin University. Georgie has experience working as both an eating disorder and sports dietitian in private practice and sporting organisations.  Georgie has worked with Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, The Victorian Institute of Sport and Essendon Football Club.

Georgie is passionate about helping individuals develop a positive relationship with food, from an inclusive and non-judgemental perspective. Georgie’s style of nutritional counselling is client centred, kind and compassionate. She is often found myth busting diet culture and advocating for weight inclusive healthcare or equality in sport whilst practising with a Health at Every Size® approach. Georgie has a specific interest in the interrelationship between food and body and specifically that of sport and exercise. As a former athlete herself, Georgie understands the value in nourishing and fuelling the body to perform and function optimally.


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