GippSport is an enthusiastic supporter of the Victorian Government’s and Office for Women of Sport and Recreation’s Change Our Game campaign.  We were one of the first sector partners fortunate to receive funding under the Workforce Capacity building grant scheme in 2018-19 and since then have strategically continued to work across Gippsland to Change Gippsland’s Game through a suite of measures supporting women and girls in both the paid/professional and community workforces as well as growing participation opportunities.

We’ve expanded both our professional and community Change our Game networks, and recently have been working at a community level to support the implementation of activation grants across the region.

It is with this success in mind that I am proud to announce that our application in partnership with our key stakeholders Gippsland Centre Against Sexual Assault and Gippsland Women’s Health, to expand the Orange Round campaign through the Victorian Government’s Preventing Violence through Sport grants program has been successful.

The United Nations International Orange Day; an Initiative which aims to raise awareness about Violence against Women and Girls on the 25th day of any month, encourages & inspires anyone in the world to organise an event to work towards reducing violence against women and girls, this was the catalyst for Orange Round idea. 

Many sporting clubs are already doing a lot of great work in creating more inclusive spaces for women and girls and initiatives such as the Orange Round are an excellent means of highlighting some of this work and encouraging other clubs to consider how their environments could be more equitable for all participants.

Over the next two years, we’ll be inviting all sports clubs across Gippsland to be a part of the Orange Round campaign where together we’ll:

  • Challenge traditional gender roles within sporting clubs;
  • Raise awareness of the importance of gender equality to prevention violence against women;
  • Promote and celebrate club gender equity work and opportunities; and,
  • Implement the Victorian Governments Prevention violence through sport guidelines.

We’re currently recruiting for a Project Officer to join our team to help drive this work across the region, please CLICK HERE for information about the role. 

For information about Orange Round and our gender equality work across the region please contact us: