In 2019 GippSport worked in partnership with 2MH Consulting to facilitate a Facilities in Forum for Sport & Recreation Victoria, Netball Victoria and Tennis Victoria. There was some fantastic discussion with our industry stakeholders from across Gippsland and we saw the opportunity to development a technical facts sheet to help facility managers consider what maintenance work could be undertaken on sports courts while there is a break in competition due to COVID 19.


What we learnt at the forum was that there is some important maintenance tasks that can be undertaken to increase the lifespan of sports courts and also other tasks that can improve the appearance and safety of courts in the short term.


In our Strategic Planning work with local clubs, associations and Councils we often discuss maintenance issues and see that there is an opportunity to support local sporting clubs with this type of support if there were resources available.


The facts sheet aims to provide some very general information to the sector and if you would like any more specific information, please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Harris or Kellie Duff at 2MH consulting-