What Club are you from?

Yallourn Yallourn North Football Netball Club

What is your role?

Player and General Committee Member

How did you get into your role?

I enjoy getting involved and was encouraged to join the committee after coming to the club to play netball.  

What challenges have you faced in regards to gender equality and how have you overcome these?

Fortunately, personally I don’t believe I have faced any challenges in regards to gender equality. Growing up with 3 older brothers, I played everything they played (football, baseball, basketball, tennis). Occasionally I would get the odd mean comment about being a ‘girl’ in a team full of ‘boys’, however the coaching team and majority of other players were supportive and encouraging. Last season I joined a local Womens Cricket team, the lack of publicity and acknowledgement about the women’s league was very evident having very few teams that could field a side and having to travel up to 2 hours for a game; there’s works in progress to have many more local teams for next season.

Why is having an equal playing field important in sporting clubs?

An equal playing field is important in regards to making people feel included and goes to meeting our clubs value of inclusiveness. This extends broader than just the players, it includes club members, committee and supporters. Football is no more important than netball and vice versa. You get that same feeling of excitement and exhilaration after a win, as well as parents/guardians get the same feeling watching a child play any sport. 

What advice would you give to other clubs wanting to improve gender equality at their club?

Share in each other’s successes on and off the field, respect each other.  Encourage women to step into leadership roles/positions, this extends to wives, supporters and/or volunteers.  A club’s success is guided by the whole club.