This past week, I was lucky enough to do work experience with GippSport. With minister visits, Regional Sport Victoria meetings and voiceovers for the upcoming GippSport ad, it definitely wasn’t the week I was expecting.

On Monday we started off slow, with a research task and a coffee. It was smooth, easy and simple to understand. I knew what I was doing and it made sense.

By Tuesday, I was given a new project, to create some social media framework. It was perfect, I completely understood what I was talking about, and it was a good experience for my sporting projects at home. I finished off the day with some program training, and I went home relaxed.

After a good start to the week, you would think the rest of the week would be similar, and yet it was the exact opposite. Wednesday started off with my recording for an ad voiceover, a project I’d been working on for a while. We then drove down to the Latrobe Valley Youth Space opening, which was incredible and colourful. Soon after, we were back to the office to help out with the launching of GippSport’s Paralympics Australia come and try event that was running in Traralgon. 

My time there got cut short, as I headed into a Women’s Leadership Group meeting, with the Minister for Community Sport was attending. The meeting was an incredible experience, and there was good food. Finally, the day was wrapped up with some more desk work, which for once I was grateful for.

After such a full day on Wednesday, I was pleased when Thursday turned out to be more relaxed. After attending a few zoom meetings with various RSA’s, I finished off the week’s projects and headed home.

Friday arrived, and it was sad to see such a great week come to an end. I was not looking forward to going back to school after seeing what I could be doing instead.

Overall, I am extremely grateful for my week with GippSport. I can absolutely see myself working in a place like it when I grow up. Everyone is really nice, and they all understand and respect each other. From the early morning coffee Monday morning, to completing the final task Friday afternoon, I can honestly say I loved every moment.

Louise Jannsen
Youth Advisory Committee Member 
Regional Sport Victoria

The Regional Sport Victoria Youth Advisory Committee

In 2020/2021 Regional Sport Victoria (RSV) undertook a consultation process that has seen the formation of RSV’s first ever Youth Advisory Committee as well as the consultation of other youth focused organisations and young people residing in regional Victoria. The implementation of this consultation with our Youth Advisory Committee is a commitment from our member bodies to proactively seek opportunities to provide meaningful participation options to young people in the planning and development of their programs and initiatives.

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