Social media can be a great tool to promote your club, to share positive news, events and photos with friends, family, existing and potential new members and sponsors. However if mismanaged it may result in inappropriate, potentially damaging consequences to individuals and your clubs reputation.


  • Blow your own trumpet! Share what your club is proud of, positive achievements on and off the field.
  • Have fun! It’s social, so engage with your players, fans, local league, news and sports assembly social media.
  • Share a diverse range of images and stories from on and off the field, including volunteers, spectators, women, children, past players, positive  social and community activities.
  • Be aware of your clubs Social Media Policy and any consequences of poor off field behavior.


  • Trash talk others or post embarrassing images including your opposition, players, clubs, and umpires. Understand the consequences.
  •  Overdo it and flood people’s social media with annoying, repetitive and/or irrelevant posts.
  •  Post embarrassing, negative or inflammatory images or comments about anyone, including your own teammates, opposition players, spectators, umpires or coaches.
  • Share images of others without their permission, especially children.

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