Multiple codes launched 2023 Summer Orange Round on the final weekend of February, with swimmers and cricketers supported Gippsland Women’s Health, Gippsland Centre Against Sexual Assault, and GippSport to take a stand against family violence and showcase their clubs’ gender equity work. 


Staff were on site at the Gippsland Swimming Championships and Traralgon West Cricket Club’s match against Trafalgar Cricket Club to provide free family violence resources, chat about gender equity in sport, and help swimmers, cricketers, officials, volunteers, and spectators understand what they can do to create more equal sports clubs. 


Summer Orange Round runs until March 25, with roller derby and windsurfing clubs hosting events in the coming weeks. Winter Orange Round will run July 15-30, and all codes are welcome to participate. 


For more information on Orange Round please visit or contact Kathleen at GippSport for more information.