What Organisation are you from?

Football Victoria

What is your role?

Regional Development Manager (Eastern Victoria)

How did you get into your role?

I’m passionate about growing the game, so the opportunity to work with clubs to achieve that objective is very rewarding.

What challenges have you faced in regards to gender equality and how have you overcome these?

Changing long held cultures in some clubs can be a difficult road.

Why is having an equal playing field important in sporting clubs?

Sporting clubs are not simply about winning games, but can form a crucial role in shaping the attitudes of the young people who participate.  Demonstrating equality and positive and empowered female role models in this context enables sporting clubs to provide positive leadership to the wider community.

What advice would you give to other clubs wanting to improve gender equality at their club?

It all starts with the first step of identifying your weaknesses.  Perform an honest and critical self-analysis, then make an achievable plan to walk down the road of gender equality.